Vail Laughs Clean Comedy feat. Brian McKay

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Vail Theatre of the Arts

is proud to present

Vail Laughs Clean Comedy Show

Saturday, Feb 12, 2022

7:00 pm


Vail Laughs Clean Comedy Show


Brian McKay

Saturday, Feb 12, 2022 – 7:00 pm

Vail Laughs

Vail Laughs is based on one simple idea:
Clean comedy for a good price.
Entertainment standards have definitely shifted over the years. As the world keeps moving faster, it takes more energy to get our attention in the noise. Unfortunately, much of our entertainment uses shock value and other cheap antics to get it. It’s almost a celebration of being rude and insulting, bringing the audience down right along with the entertainers.
But life is funny enough without having to be vulgar!
Think about this:
We drive to the gym so we can walk on a treadmill. We carry these high tech devices in our pockets, the knowledge of all the world at our fingertips and we use them to send each other videos of screaming goats. Or the irony of reaching adulthood and discovering our parents actually had a point about naps.
What a strange bunch of creatures we are!
Our award winning comedians are as committed to this ideal as we are, bringing you quality entertainment month after month and leaving behind all the vulgarity and cheap antics.  Quite simply, it’s high quality entertainment you can bring your entire family to. The most important decision you have for the evening is whether to leave the kids or the babysitter at home.



Brian McKay

Returns to VailLaughs after winning the Phoenix Newcomer to Clean Comedy Contest in November.   He has the funniest routine that breaks the marriage code for all single men. He must be right because it’s simply amazing how the women in the audience will join in “en masse” and provide the rules to which he addresses.  Married men will find humor in all of the truths that Brian reveals.  This show makes for a great pre-valentine’s day date night!!.

People often ask how Brian McKay got started. The short version: Brian was shooting his mouth off and his wife called my bluff. The longer version: when Brian  was much younger and managing a pizza joint, Brian would work late hours. When he would get home at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning he would always watch Evening at the Improv and Stand Up Comedy Spotlight; He used to laugh really hard and de-stress from the night. Just for context the pizza joint was not in the greatest safest area of town.

Fast-forward twenty years. Brian had been watching some of the newer comedy shows on TV and was not finding many of them funny. He would often say to his wife, “I’m funnier than these guys.”  He has since found out, it is much harder than it looks. A few weeks later, he and his went to a show, along with several other couples, to see Darryl Hammond.  After the show, they were standing around in the parking lot talking, and Brian casually mentioned that he would like to learn to do stand up and even Improv.  It just looked like fun.  His wife, always looking for creative gift ideas, went on line and found an Improv class, put on by the city, and stand up classes at a local comedy club. For Brian’s next birthday, she enrolled him in both classes.

Brian absolutely loved both classes.  The main difference in the format of the two classes was that after 6 weeks of standup classes, the students put on a showcase performance for all of our friends and family.  His friends and family are a huge part of his life and he is grateful for the support they always show him. Brian’s mom and dad never missed a show, just like when he was a kid in baseball. The night of the show was one of those comedian dream nights. Brian killed it. He was funny, maybe even very funny, and it was his first time ever on stage.  The owner of the club was in the audience and on the spot, offered Brian a paying gig as an opening act for the touring comedians he booked for his club. After that night Brian was hooked. The rush of performing and doing well was like nothing he had ever experienced.



Tickets will be sold at the door on the night of the show or at Individuals $10, Families $30

For information call Richard at 879-3925.

Note: The Vail Theatre of the Arts is located on the southeast side of Tucson, 2 miles north of I-10 and 2 miles south of Valencia, about 1/2 mile east of Houghton on Mary Ann Cleveland Way. Turn at the entrance to Empire High School. If you haven’t been to the theatre before, we strongly suggest visiting our location page .


Hold for Vail Laughs Clean Comedy

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